Genius Arena
Genius Arena

Has expertise in mobile development, open-source solutions, security solutions, web development and desktop applications.

We work with a variety of technologies, platforms and architectures.

Other IT related services include product design and development, custom software development, customizing open-source products.

Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Our enterprise architecture consulting services enable efficient business and IT transformations and creates platform for your business success.
Businesses and public organization are increasingly digitalized.
Transformation requires big picture view of the organization's strategy, processes, information and technology assets.
Enterprise architecture work aims to business and IT alignment with rational, fast to change and cost effective structures.

Software Consultancy Services
Software Consultancy Services

We specialize in Application Development. Our preferred technologies are Open Source Technologies and Tools.
Regardless of technology, we ensure that every piece of software that we deliver is solidly designed, well written, and easily maintainable.
We devise strategies that help you streamline your process in line to the latest needs and as per the technological needs and challenges.
Our Web design/development and IT consultancy service helps business transform, evolve and enjoy sustainable growth.

Security Assessment Services
Security Assessment Services

Organizations require planning for a security assessment if there are implementing standards like GDPR, ISO, HIPPA, PCI etc.
Organizations are struggling to become compliant, and stay compliant, with a number of security standards or regulatory targets.
Budgetary pressures are ever-present, but organizations need to ensure that assessments are performed by a reputable firm with expert assessors.
As a premier assessment practice, We can help clients to address exactly these challenges.
We provide the most complete and thorough set of assessment services available in the industry.
Whether it be a penetration test, a PCI audit, an ISO assessment or even a NESA assessment
Our Consultants can provide you with accurate and tailor made solutions enabling you to implement necessary controls and become complaint.

Cloud Transformation Services
Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud has changed the dynamics of the IT infrastructure and reduced the investment costs on infrastructure drastically
The organizations find it challenging to perceive the best-suited cloud solutions for their business needs.
With the plethora of the cloud service providers available in the market, choosing the right Cloud Service Provider and the best deployment model are of paramount significance.
By cloud transformation, the organizations can scale up with their applications based on demand very quickly and empower the business to incorporate innovative solutions.
Our cloud transformation services make it easy for the organizations to manage the workloads and helps to reduce the operational cost.
We offer services and solution for highly regulated organizations to be secure, optimized and compliant throughout their cloud journey.