Muthukumarasamy Raja

Founder and CEO

Founder Muthukumarasamy Raja has a vision of combining the Technological research and Software Technologies to build better platforms that can help businesses and organizations to save time, cost to production and gain competitive advantage.

He has over 2 decades of Information Technology industry experience where he has played various roles in different client organizations.
He has the educational background of Masters degree in Computer Applications and currently pursuing Masters degree in Business Administration.
In his career, He has designed and delivered many enterprise applications which are quiet complex, robust, scalable and resilient to failures.
He has helped several clients to realize their business ideas and bring them to life by building right software products using right technologies.

Over the years, He has become a Strategic Advisor who can give business advice to his customers to focus on the target market and often provide recommendations using his expertise how efficiently the business can be established.
He is expertise in doing market research and understanding the strength and weakness of any industry and propose innovative approaches to create new business opportunities.

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