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About Us

GeniusArena Software is an innovative company specialized in Cloud Computing and leveraging the cloud capabilities to build efficient software products. We are focusing on the disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, blockchain and robotic process automation, among other common digital capabilities.

We are a prominent participant in the information technology sector, with a specialization in software product development, consulting, web solutions, web security advice, and automation. Drawing on extensive expertise honed through experience, GeniusArena Software delivers high-quality enterprise software products as a service. As a customer-centric company, GeniusArena Software prioritizes end-to-end support for subscribers utilizing our software products, emphasizing a subscription-based model. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and value-added services has solidified our position in the market, ensuring a distinct niche for us.

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Our mission is to seamlessly integrate business and technology to create efficient software product solutions and services.

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Our vision is to empower every sector to leverage the advantages of technology.
Our strategy entails embracing evolving technologies and integrating innovations into all our products and services.
We are committed to exploring innovation, confronting challenges, and seizing opportunities within the industries we serve.

Why Choose Us

As a Cloud First software company, our primary focus is on product development, specializing in the creation of commercial software products delivered as services. Our portfolio encompasses enterprise software products delivered as SaaS solutions, primarily tailored for medium and corporate enterprises, as well as individual or groups of educational institutes united under a single umbrella.
Renowned for our expertise in building software products that seamlessly integrate technology and business to drive efficiency and foster innovation, we leverage AI extensively across many of our offerings to streamline business processes. Our areas of specialization encompass mobile development, open-source solutions, security solutions, web development, and automation solutions.
With proficiency across various technologies, platforms, and architectures, we provide a comprehensive suite of IT services, spanning product design and development, custom software development, and more. Additionally, leveraging our extensive experience in product development, we extend our services to provide human resource solutions to other companies, empowering them to develop solutions through our expert teams.

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Our Team

Founder Muthukumarasamy Raja envisions amalgamating technological research with software technologies to construct superior platforms that streamline businesses and organizations, saving time, reducing production costs, and enhancing their competitive edge. With over two decades of experience in the Information Technology industry, he has held diverse roles across various client organizations. Possessing a Master's degree in Computer Applications and currently pursuing an executive MBA at the prestigious University of Amsterdam, he brings a strong educational background to his endeavors. Throughout his career, he has conceptualized and delivered numerous enterprise applications characterized by their complexity, robustness, scalability, and resilience to failures. Evolving into a Strategic Advisor, he provides valuable business insights to clients, helping them target their markets efficiently and offering recommendations on establishing businesses effectively

Muthukumarasamy Raja
Founder and CEO
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