Founder & CEO

Muthukumarasamy Raja

Founder and CEO

Founder Muthukumarasamy Raja has a vision of combining the Technological Advancements and Software Technologies to build better platforms that can help businesses and organizations to save time, cost to production and gain competitive advantage.

He has been contributing to various architectural roles in the IT industry such as Enterprise Integration Architect, Solution Architect, Technology Architect and Performance Architect.

In his career, He has built many enterprise applications which are quiet complex, robust, scalable and resilient to failures. He predominantly worked in few specific industries like Banking, Health care, Server Automation, Logistics & E-Commerce and Education.

He has very good experience in defining the standards and guidelines for the entire enterprise according to the industry best practices and providing strategic guidelines for various organizations within the enterprise to ensure compliance of the well defined processes.

He believes in building the architecture based on Object oriented, Service Oriented Architecture and Micro Services architecture concepts increase the agility of the development and maintenance.

He firmly recommends Organizations to invest on identifying the feasible core business areas and expose them as API's to external parties. He believes that it will improve their business collaboration outside their own organization, and can benefit from it by implementing right API Management Solutions.

He has better understanding on different types of Cloud Computing Technologies like IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and how Cloud Computing is transforming the way modern businesses are operating today with low investment, highly efficient and quick time to Market.

He is helping the clients in strategizing the smooth transition from on premises to public, private or hybrid cloud environments as per the business requirements. He is keen on experimenting the cloud native tools for software development, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

His area of expertise is Software Security and he practices Security in all the phases of SDLC, from the inception till the deployment and after care, He has been involved in providing right solutions to resolve and prevent various security breaches exploited in the organizations.

He advises clients to consider security as proactive approach and allocate enough time and resources to incorporate security in all phases, And conducting regular penetration testing on every major releases of the software and also prepare automated security test cases that can be run when necessary.